And numbers add up to positive results.

Our expertise helps our clients quantify their results to assess quality and document value.


And Numbers Have Value

From evaluation and analytics to quality improvement and training. CCNY helps you deliver in a value-based environment.


Made from the sum of the services we receive.

CCNY provides a broad spectrum of services to increase your capacity to deliver increased positive outcomes in the communities you serve.


The Human Side of Analytics

CCNY has a very simple mission—To help those who help people in need do their jobs better. We do this by providing a comprehensive spectrum of services that range from program evaluation and analytics to quality improvement and training. Our expertise lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate with your organization to analyze your data, identify performance gaps and provide strategic initiatives that let you deliver value-based care and have a greater impact on the communities you serve.


A critical and often taxing aspect of Analysis and Evaluation is the collection of data. Most community-centric organizations suffer from data points being scattered throughout their organization. The process stumbles before it even starts because they have neither the capacity nor the fortitude it takes to collect data and integrate it from a variety of disparate sources. CCNY does. Not only do we have the knowledge of how to bring your statistical information together in a meaningful and manageable way, we have resources designed to do just that.


CCNY is a recognized leader in the industry when it comes to Data Analytics and Evaluation. Our ability to integrate multiple data sources into a manageable data set provides an enormous advantage to our clients, but it is our skills in delivering precision analytics that truly sets us apart. Our Data Analysis Toolkit is a suite of tactics that have been honed over many years. It allows us to provide a macro and micro view of your organization, letting you know where you stand now, where you’re excelling, where you’re falling short, and how to get where you want to go.


Program Evaluation Toolkit

While the our Data analysis provides a clear view of where your organization is right now, our Program Evaluation toolkit provides resources that help you envision your path forward. From in-depth modeling to outcome and cost projections, you will understand the path you need to take to minimize risk while realizing the greatest reward.


Another advantage of working with CCNY is our ability to translate analytics and evaluation into actionable initiatives. Our Performance Enhancement Toolkit provides everything an organization needs to create quality improvement programs that minimize performance gaps and maximize value.


CCNY is your partner in delivering value-based care. To do that, we go above and beyond to understand your specific needs. Whether it is Human or Administrative services, we have a range of training programs, in-person and online, to help you bridge your performance gaps and increase your ability to deliver positive outcomes.


One of the more unique aspects of CCNY is our ability to seamlessly integrate with your operations to increase your management functionality. From handling data and records to scheduling, we offer a variety of administrative services to ease the burden on your organization. So, you can get back to the task of executing your organization’s mission.